New album TRADERS OF TRUTH out now!

Ripper - From the album 'Traders Of Truth'

Available on this website, Bandcamp and all major music platforms.

Horse L - From the EP 'Phlegmatism'

Originally released on 'Phlegm' in 1992 and re-recorded in 2020 in the KONG Studio in Amsterdam. The EP contains four tracks (Horse L, M.O.N., ? (F.D. Part 17.239) and Stockhouse) and is available at Bandcamp and all major music platforms. The album was mixed and mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio, Germany.

Compilation of the album 'Stern'

Fool's Engine - From the album 'Stern'

"In its entirety Stern is by far the best work since Kong returned. The album shows a robust and determined band that is ready to take over stages in the Netherlands and far beyond." (oct. 2014)

"Stern is an excellent release from Kong. It's more experimental in tone than most of their work, and has a wider range of mood." (oct. 2014)


"Step on in catch a wave and surf the musical narrative in the clip attached, you'll be glad you did; it's a wild ride mama!" (sep. 2014)

Kong are extremely good at delivering music that is restless and unsettling. For a good dose of restless music, Kong should be your choice." (sep. 2014)


"The word 'Stern' has a number of meanings but in this case it means 'headstrong, tenacious and persevering'. Kong is just that, they hold on to their typical progressive and industrial sound while incorporating new elements in their music." (oct. 2014)

Mute Poet Vocalizer - Remixed 25th Anniversary Edition available as digital download.

"Let's just say that this album could be the beginning of something huge! . . . This is one of the strongest musical statements from a band of this style in years."
Metal Forces (UK, dec. 1990)

"Luisteren naar Kong is een even vreemde als verfrissende ervaring."
Opscene (NL, feb 1991)


"Kong know exactly what they want to do, and it has something to do with screwing your mind up."
Metal Hammer (UK, jan 1991)

"Zelden een band gehoord die zulke aparte muziek maakt als het Amsterdamse Kong"
Aardschok (NL, feb 1991)


"Lovers of the crooned word will be unprepared for anything as inspired as the voice-devoid 'Mute Poet Vocalizer'."
Sounds (UK, jan 1991)


"Varierend van een huiveringwkkende horrormovie tot een tedere, lieflijke zwijmelprent."
Meltdown (NL, feb 1991)